Dallmayr Origins

Dallmayr Origins PI

Inspired by the typical soundscapes of countries like Brasil, Papua New Guinea or Ethiopia these sounds will take you on a cultural expedition to the original countries where coffee comes from. A collection of nine outstanding ethno lounge tracks exclusively selected by Karmaloft Music for the world famous brand „Dallmayr“.
Coffee and music – a perfect mix. Both accompany us daily. Both are invigorating. Both are – when done right – a pleasure. These two worlds are brought together in perfection by the label Karmaloft Music. With Origins – Dallmayr Coffee Lounge the label invites the listener on a musical journey through the most famous coffee producing regions in the world. Flawless lounge elements meet the ethnic sounds from Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, Peru, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Ethiopia and Kenya. The eight tracks each represent the special flair of one of the countries. Fiery salsa (Neiva – Colombia) can be found here as well as mystical tribal-sounds (Sidamo – Ethiopia) and rhythmic Bossa Nova (Nambuco – Brazil).
Just like premium coffee, these exclusive tracks are a special brew with only the best ingredients. Each track contains instruments typical to the respective country – recorded especially for Origins – Dallmayr Coffee Lounge – among them such exotic examples as the West-African Kora (Nakuru – Kenia), the Marimba typical for Guatemala (Antigua), the Ethiopian Washint (Sidamo) all the way to a Gamelan ensemble (Kayumas – Indonesia). This makes Origins – Dallmayr Coffee Lounge as diverse and interesting as the world of coffee itself and gives it a unique musical flavour – all rounded up by the perfectly concerted Origins Outro.